Choosing Your Countertops is as Easy as 1-2-3

We developed a three phase process that makes choosing your new countertops as easy and as fun as 1-2-3! The three phases are: designing, fabricating and installing your countertops. We start by gathering your preferences in an easy-going, no-stress manner. Then, you can leave the rest to our team of pros... 

It's as simple as that!


Phase 1 - Designing Your Countertops

A Great Design Begins with Your Vision

We like to start the design process by getting an understanding of your vision for your project. There are so many choices it can be overwhelming but we can help you navigate all of your options. From selecting the right material to the colors, patterns and finishes that fit your style, we know the right questions to ask you to make sure we understand all of your preferences. Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, you can leave the rest to us.  Here are the steps we take during this phase to design the countertops of your dreams: 

Selecting Your Material

American Countertops, Inc. carries a wide range of materials to choose for your project.  We can help you navigate the options so that you make the right selection for your lifestyle. 

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Once we understand the scope of your project, it's time to create a template of your countertops. We visit your home to measure your space with precision to develop a template that is used to create the computer drawings. Perfect templating creates a prefect fit.



After we have precise measurements, we use an Autocad program to make an Automated Computer Drawing.  We can even send you the drawings so that you can see exactly how your new countertops will look before they are fabricated.   


Phase 2 - Fabricating Your Countertops

Fabrication is the Behind the Scenes Phase

Fabricating is the name for the process we use to make your countertops. This process is completed in our shop in Hartville, Ohio.  We use the computer drawings created during the design phase to size and shape your surfaces to your specifications. The specific steps in this phase depend on which material you've selected for your surfaces. Regardless of which material you've chosen, it is during this phase that the spaces for faucets and sinks are created. This is also the phase where the edge profile you selected will be formed. A lot of attention goes in to this phase because the install phase relies on the detail to which each piece is fabricated.

Visit Our Showroom

Fabricating your countertops is done at our corporate offices in Hartville, Ohio.  Customers are always welcome to visit our office, browse the showroom and see our shop in action.

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Various steps are taken to fabricate your countertops based on the material you have selected. Our team is highly trained on each of the possible steps so that you get the most beautiful outcome no matter what your project involves.



We focus on the details during each step of the fabrication process to make sure that your countertops will look and feel beautiful. We want you to enjoy your countertops from day one of your installation.


Phase 3 - Installing Your Countertops

We are the Professional Installation People

The American Countertops, Inc. team members are background checked before they can step foot in your home. This group of individuals have installed virtually hundreds of countertops together so you are sure to be impressed with how seamless the process appears. And speaking of seams, our design and fabrication phases are known for creating the best seams in the business. We are honored that you have entrusted us to provide your countertops so we make every effort to make sure that you are completely satisfied during this phase.

About Our Team

Our team knows that you have invited them in to your home so they will respect your home during each step of the installation. Learn more about the vigorous standards that our team must meet. 

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